COVID_19 Update 

This is defintely not how we'd like to start our Spring Session! But we are following all recommendations from Gymnastics Ontario/Canada as well as public health services. As such we've suspended our programming until April 6th or until it's safe to resume. Any missed classes due to a forced shutdown will be extended into July. If you commit to our programming now, we'll commit to providing you with 12 full weeks of Programming! We want to ensure we have the community supports to continue to offer varied, high-quality programs for your children.


Register for our current Spring Session - 12 Weeks starting as soon Gymfinity receives a green light to reopen

No Class April 10th (Good Friday), April 12th (Easter Sunday) & May 18th (Victoria Day)

Registration tips!

- Choose an age-appropriate class - many Gymfinity classes have overlapping ages - we do this on purpose so that you, the parent can choose the right peer group for your child. 

- Easy to follow curriculum! 

Preschoolers should register for any of our kinder gym programs - no experience or pre-requisite required. This includes Tiny Gymmies, Little Gymmies, Gymmies, Kinder Cheer, Trampoline and Ninja! All geared to 3-5years. 

School-aged children can register by age and experience. Never done gym before? No worries - start in Bronze. Already passed Bronze, or had gym, dance, acro or cheer experience elsewhere? Sounds like Silver is a good choice.

If you're thinking about competitive for your child - come and have an assessment to see if our Gold or Platinum programs are a good fit. 

Register for PA Days and Summer Camps!

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