COVID-19 update - currently tryouts for the upcoming competitive season are being accepted.  Please email the gym to arrange a private assessment.

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Gymnastics is inherently a competitive sport and we are a competitive gymnastics team. We measure our success and progress by how we portray ourselves and execute during practice and the competition floor. During all workouts and competitions we strive for excellence. While winning is not the most important, trying to be the best and trying to win represents much of what we strive for. Trying to win means the gymnasts train hard and strive for perfection during every practice. It also means that the gymnast respects all of their coaches and teammates. A gymnast who tries to be their best every training day and tries to be ‘the’ best on a competition day* will overcome fear and keep a positive attitude through every obstacle. Trying to be your best is an attitude that must be displayed by EVERY Gymfinity Gymnastics Team Member EVERY day. 

Competitive Training during Covid-19

Our Competitive athletes have been on the vanguard of the opening Phases. They've done a wonderful job establishing the new norms in the gym, following all our protocols and being adaptable to change. We appreciate the commitment and hard work of our athletes and families and look forward to this upcoming season. 

• Teams train September - June with Summer, Holiday and March Break training available. 

• Gymfinity will keep parents apprised of all developments, changes or modifications in the yearly training schedule, changes to facility, health and safety protocols, spotting, competitions and more. 

• All athletes must inform staff immediately if they or anyone in the family show any of the common COVID-19 symptoms as well if anyone in the family travels outside the province or country, or has visitors from outside the province/country to the home. Along with notifying staff and the local health-unit, we ask that those athletes self-isolate for the mandatory 14 days. There are no refunds for time missed due to self-quarantine. If the gym has an interruption in programming due to Provincial, Federal or local changes to the opening of non-essential businesses, training fees will be suspended until re-opening occurs. 

• At this time, only the basic Gymnastics Ontario Insurance fee is being collected ($35 +HST) this is not the yearly competitive GO Programming fee. At such time as GO announces that they are collecting this fee, your account will be immediately charged the fee appropriate to the level. 

• The $225 deposit is non-refundable. All accounts must be kept current. 

•  Competitive Team Accounts can be accessed and fees paid through



  • Optional 20h, 9yrs & up, Level 6-9                   Tu,Th 3:30-8:30, Fr 3:30-8:30, Su 12-5                Monthly Fee $513.58

  • Optional 15h, 9yrs & up, Level 6                      Tu,Th 3:30-8:30, Su 12-5                                      Monthly Fee $436.03

  • Provincial 2 20h, 8yrs & up, Level 3-5               Tu,Th 3:30-8:30, Fr 3:30-8:30, Su 12:30-5:30      Monthly Fee $513.58

  • Provincial 2 15h, 8yrs & up, Level 3-5               Tu,Th 3:30-8:30, Su 12:30-5:30                            Monthly Fee $436.03

  • Provincial 1 12h, 10yrs & up, Level 2-4             Tu, We, Th 4:30-8:30                                            Monthly Fee $346.79

  • Pre-Elite  16h, 7-9yrs, Level 2-4                         Mo, We 4-8, Fr 12-4, Su 9-1                                Monthly Fee $435.27

  • Petite Elite 12h 6-7yrs, ODP                              We, Fr 4-8, Su 1-5                                                Monthly Fee $337.64

  • ODP (2015) 6h 4-5yrs (born in 2015 only)         Mo, Th 5-8                                                            Monthly Fee $172.55

  • Xcel 8h  9yrs & up Xcel Bronze, Silver & Gold Mo, We 4:30-8:30                                                Monthly Fee $241.25


  • MAG 12h 8yrs & up Interclub & Prov                Mo, Wed 4:15-8:15, Sun 10:30-2:30                   Monthly Fee $325.44


  • Tumbling 4h 8yrs & up                                       Tu, Th 4-6                                                             Monthly Fee $121.02

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